Enroll in ECO now

ECO Charter School is a participant in the Camden Enrollment program. We welcome your interest in the ECO Charter School community! To begin the process, please visit our main office to learn more about our school. If you are ready to apply, visit the Camden Enrollment, and complete the required online form by selecting Environment Community Opportunity (ECO) Charter School as a favorite and your #1 choice.

After applying online, contact us by calling 856.963.2627 to confirm completion of the online application.

Enrollment Process


Complete the online enrollment application or call the Camden Enrollment hotline at 856.536.3999. The enrollment period is due January 5, 2016 through March 1, 2016. Kindergarten enrollees must be age five on or before October 1st of the upcoming school year.

School Placement Announcements

Students will gain admission to a ECO based on a family’s indicated preference via a randomized computer program. Siblings of current students are given preference and selected first, then the names of children without siblings at ECO are selected randomly and posted, in order, until all current openings for that grade are filled. All remaining names are then randomly selected to create a wait list for each grade.


School placements are announced online and via mail during the first week of April. We will send letters to families who applied for enrollment to inform them whether they were selected in the lottery or if the students were placed on the wait list.

Dr. Dendtler is so special. She and the teachers at ECO saw my son’s talent and helped him develop as a leader.pablo sosa,ECO Parent

Dr. Dendtler is so special. She and the teachers at ECO saw my son’s talent and helped him develop as a leader.

pablo sosa,
ECO Parent

Wait list

You’ll be waitlisted at any schools you listed higher than your placement. For example, if you are placed at your 3rd choice school, you’ll be waitlisted at your 1st and 2nd choices. You will only be eligible for schools that you have listed on your application. You will not be assigned to a school that you did not list.

ECO Charter School is a public school and does not discriminate on the basis of race; color; creed; religion; gender; national origin; ethnicity; sexual orientation; mental, intellectual, or physical ability; socio-economic status; ancestry; special need; or English language proficiency in the administration of its educational program, policies, or application procedures.