Welcome to ECO Charter School, where emerging minds develop strong roots, achieving excellence through rigor, relevance, and reflection. Located in Camden, New Jersey, we nurture students to become adept learners, community leaders, and environmental stewards. We believe school is a safe place for all and that real accountability isn’t just measured by test scores (though ours are consistently notable).

We enjoy a truly holistic approach to education that engages students, families, teachers, staff, and our community. Please take the time to learn more about us! View our latest student endeavors. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, please contact us!

A message from our founder

Dear Parents, Students, Families, and Community Members —

I founded ECO Charter School with the intent to increase quality educational options for the children of Camden. Our school’s progressive approach inspires students to become self-motivated, socially-aware, active learners and communicators. ECO Charter School’s young explorers “learn by doing”; we teach students to think critically and creatively, to problem solve collaboratively and to make positive contributions to our local and global communities.

I firmly believe that exceptional schools are the fertile ground from which emerging minds develop strong roots. Student growth and maturation, of course, begins at home with families, community contributors who we both value and hold in high esteem. I invite and encourage you to get involved in your child’s education. My door is always open to you, your questions and your concerns.

Most sincerely, I am…
Antoinette C. Dendtler, Ed.D.
Founder & Head of School